Winnie Madikizela Mandela School

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The aim of the school policy is to promote and facilitate the admission of learners to the schools in the Gauteng Region. It reflects the commitment of the GDE (Government) to meet its responsibility (constitution) to ensure access of all learners to quality education. Due to the nature of our school i.e. learners with special education needs, our learners need specialized education which means –education of a specialized nature provided to address the needs of learners who:  

• Cannot benefit sufficiently from the teaching provided in the ordinary course of education
• Require specialized education to facilitate their adaptation in the community.
• Should not attend an ordinary class in an ordinary school because if such attendance is not in their best interests of other learners in such class.

Due to the nature of our school (LSEN) the weighing there differs from of ordinary schools in this regard and is as follows.

  • Severely mentally handicapped learners= 3 - 326
  • Epileptic learners = 3 - 326
  • Cerebral palsied learners = 4 - 434
  • Physical disable learners = 4 – 434
  • Learners with severe behavior problems= 5 – 534
  • Hard of hearing learners = 5 – 543
  • Deaf learners = 5 – 543
  • Autistic learners = 6 – 651
  • Mildly to moderate learning disable = 2 -771

We as a public school admit learners and serve their educational requirements without entirely discriminating in any way.


The governing body of our school does not administer any test related to the admission of a learner.

No learner is refused admission to our school on the grounds that his/her parents

  • Are unable to pay school fees
  • Does not subscribe to the mission statement of the school
  • Has refused to enter a contract in terms of which the parent waives any claim for damages arising out of the education of the learner.