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Woodwork In woodwork we teach them how to make cabinet, they learn to use woodwork equipment, measuring, joining pieces of wood and repairing different types of furniture. They can utilize such skills to earn a living, even fix furniture in their homes and also repair furniture for their neighbors.  


Pottery ceramic studio

A Ceramic Studio caters for all learners in the school. Pottery is the main skill that is we offered in this studio. We teach them using all kinds of clay using our high standard machines and also their hands. We allow them to be creative and to produce items of their choice like pinch pot, vase and boxes. Some of the learners especially the young ones, working with the clay will even reveal their inner feeling especially if they have been abused in anyway. We normal sell this pottery work to the community, to parents during meetings and in exhibitions.



Pumelela was the first school in Soweto to introduce brick making to learners with special education needs and also use it as a fundraising mechanism. We teach them how to make, pack and delivering of the bricks. At present they normal produce 36 to 40 good quality bricks per day. This bricks are in high demand in our community as they are good quality. 


General in baking they have to know the ingredients and how to mix them proportional. They must also know the utensils that are used in baking, utensils like mixers, oven and scales. The staff members and community members place their orders for anything they need in the bakery; their payment helps to raise school funds.



The main aim of the computer centre is to equip our trainable learners with technology skills. Computer skills that we provide are:
• Computer & community input devices
• Reading and viewing
• Differentiate between sums and percentages using excel
• Technology & skills
• Managing data, word basics & working with application
• Sustainable growth & development
• Personal development

Hair salon

For equipping learners with hairdressing skills like hair relaxing, hair cutting and hair styling.

After being fully trained we take them to enter for hairdressing competitions competing with other sister schools, where the best learners are given free training at highly recognized hair academy.


Home economics

We teach learners how to care for themselves and their surrounding, how to cook nutritious meals and baking. They can then be able to implement the very same skills in their homes under minimum supervision.


Gardening and environment

Gardening serves as natural science skill and life orientation learning area. This project also serves to feed learners and we also sell to the community. Learners are empowered by dedicated staff to have the gardening skill as they can also use it for their future. Today we have got a very wonderful garden in our premises.